Arranging an insurance for your complete household can feel overwhelming. Therefore, we've listed the most frequently asked questions to meet all your needs!

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the coverage of your choosing, the actual value will be compensated. So not the price you paid at the time of purchase or the insured amount in case of a special item.

This depends on the coverage of your choosing. We refer to the packages and you can check the i's for accurate information.

Please be aware that clothing is subject to fashion and that your kids will not fit into their clothes anymore upon your return from the assignment. So clothes are subject to high levels of depreciation in case of damage or loss. Make sure you only store your 'collectors items' such as wedding dresses, costumes etc.

No. This is not included in the insurance.

The coverage is based on the price levels of the country of destination, provided that the insured amount is accurate. So make sure you take this into account when you determine the value of your household goods.

The insured value is always the maximum compensation. So make sure you inform us about the actual value.

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