Arranging for insurance coverage for all of your treasured belongings is an important and sometimes overwhelming process. Here is some helpful information to put your mind at ease.

Frequently asked questions

Depending on your selected coverage, the actual value will be compensated – not the price you paid originally but rather the insured amount on your valuation.

This depends on the coverage you selected. Each package provides a breakdown of specific inclusions.

Coverage for clothing is unique and subject to high levels of depreciation in the case of damage or loss. We recommend that you store only “collector items” such as wedding dresses, costumes, etc.

No. This is not included in the insurance.

When you value your belongings, it is important that you consider the cost to replace your items at the destination, not the original price paid.

The actual value of an item is always considered when there is a claim and the insured value is always the maximum that can be claimed.

We refer to the recent geopolitical developments and aggravation of the situation in the Southern Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

As a consequence, we have been instructed by insurers to cancel cover for risks of War in respect of transits to or from or through the area. Most carriers however avoid this region, so in that case there will be no change in coverage.

Please note that terms and rating could be revised at any time depending on changing circumstances within the region.

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