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Where you can arrange your move insurance package. Whenever you move, rest assured your household goods are well covered in case anything goes wrong in transit.

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About Bolster Insurance

Besides the fact that the insurance and claims process is fully digitalized, there are a few unique starting points in the Bolster Insurance concept. Firstly, the mover is no longer involved in the insurance process, because of changing legislation and simply because advising on moving insurance is something different then the move itself. In this way, movers can fully focus on performing high quality service. To encourage them even more, they get rewarded for every ‘claim-free’ move. From now on, with a few clicks, you choose one of the four insurance packages that you need, and so you don’t pay for coverage that you don’t need. For instance, if your household is packed today and delivered tomorrow, you can skip the mold and mildew coverage. Also, 24/7 you can check your policy and the status of your claim in My Bolster Insurance. And finally, there is no more uncertainty about coverage or how your claim will be handled. Every insurance term is easy-to-understand explained within the process.

How it all started
In the second half of 2019 the first discussions were held with one of the leading Dutch movers with regards to the insurance programs for movers. Policy conditions and responsibilities were often not clear to customers and most of the process was paper based. Also European law (IDD) forced the insurance process to be arranged differently. This resulted in the revolutionary platform how it is built today; a fully digital solution for household goods insurance programs. With reliable partners such as Howden Insurances Brokers Nederland and Get Hooked (technology) Bolster Insurance has full confidence in making an impact on the customer journey of both expats and their employers.

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The faces behind Bolster Insurance

Who are the people begind the Bolster Insurance platform?

Annemieke Verhorst-Lemsom

Founder of Bolster Insurance

Annemieke is the proud founder of the Bolster Insurance platform. Her goal is that customers can rest assured about their household being well covered in case anything goes wrong with the transition. She is also a member of the Claims Prevention and Procedure Council based in the US, where she meets like-minded claims handlers and restorers twice a year. She started implementing this network and expertise to the European continent, greatly improving the claims handling processes throughout Europe. With all her experience in the Global Mobility Industry, her broad network and the Bolster Insurance platform being ready, Annemieke finally feels able to improve assignees’ happiness and smooth landings on their new locations.

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Tim van Tartwijk

Cofounder of Bolster Insurance

Tim van Tartwijk, co-founder of Bolster Insurance, is always searching for the essence of what drives people in order to fuel them and their businesses. Tim spotted the opportunity to make insurances in the relocation industry more transparent and more personal. A vision he shares with Annemieke. That is why they founded Bolster Insurance together. In association with marketing agency Get Hooked, they developed and built the Bolster Insurance brand and platform to where it is today; a fully digitized easy-to-understand insurance and claims platform that relieves employers and movers of the insurance process. Tim: ‘I believe in changing traditional ways of working through technology, as an investment in an exciting future!’

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